A quick note about driving (and riding) in the rain.

Hi everyone, Kat here.

I will continue my posts about the bikes of SOA and all things ride related, but first I need to vent a little bit.

Not vent like ranting about something, there is too much of that online for sure, more like pour out something heartbreaking to help me (and hopefully some of you possibly) get through a very hard thing.

Last Wednesday night a friend of mine named Chris was riding home from a friends house when a large truck that (supposedly) didn’t see him despite his reflective jacket decided to run a red light. The truck would have had time to avoid Chris and possibly stop if A: the truck driver hadn’t been in a hurry for whatever reason and B: if he was more careful on the road, not just to notice us bikers but also while driving in the rain.

My friend Chris, who loved people and had the most amazing laugh, the kind that makes you smile reflexively, was killed instantly upon impact.

Their are many things about riding that we MUST take into account. I and many, many other responsible and safe riders can ride in the rain without a problem. We know how to change our shift and lean a little lighter into turns and curves. We know when to throttle down because we know the feel of our bikes and how they ride when they have traction (and when they don’t possibly), and allow the weight of bike and rider to grab the road when we feel a slip.

But one of the greatest dangers to riders, in any weather, are other motorists. Even with awareness campaigns, all of which are great like Look Twice, etc., we have got to always assume we are not safe. This is true in any riding condition, but maybe even more so in rainy (or snowy/icy) weather. If the truck that killed Chris could have gained more traction without sliding across a wet street, my friend might still be laughing today.

So whether you are riding or driving, please take extra care when on rainy streets. This world can’t afford to lose any more laughter.

Be Safe,


SOA Awesome Bike Sample Uno

As promised, I’m going to be getting into the bikes on SOA (Sons of Anarchy for those living under a rock!), which ones I think rocked it hard, and other stuffs!

So my first choice (though not necessarily my fave) is one from the Cali-Mex MC pack of cholo bad @sses, the Mayans.

This sweet


Mayan ’96 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail

is one sick ride. With it’s burnt orangish, grafiti look, cholo style ape hangers and matching speckled saddle, this is one striking bike.

Cali-Mex style MC nu-classic!

Love em or hate em, which the show gives us a mix of both, the Mayans prove to be to be a force to be reckoned with.

So there you go, choice number 1!

See you on the next post brothers, Kat out!


Live to Ride!

SOA Bikestravaganzza Post Number Two!!

The Kat is Baaaack!

So for my second choice on the highlight list for the bikes of SOA, I have chosen….wait for it….










Chibs’ Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob!!

The bike of one of the most loved member of the Charming MC, Chib’s Dyna is a familiar choice for the group with some personal style choices. This bike is set apart from other members by some matte black z-bars, the fact that it doesn’t have a front fairing, the easily recognizable anarchy “A” and one detail many miss: a tiny Saint Andrew’s cross patch on the back of his saddle.

This Scottish sergeant at arms (when we first meet him) and affiliate of the real IRA goes through a lot in the span of the show, but this Harley is one constant he counts on for all of it. Another interesting thing to note: the actor that plays Chibs (“chib” is Scottish slang for a knife or shank) Tommy Flanagan is an avid bike rider in real life. The actor would go on regular rides with members of the cast during filming, including the love of my life (I wish!) Charlie Hunnam (who plays Jax Teller).

There is a reason he looks so comfortable and natural on a bike!

Till next time, Live to Ride!!

Diversity of Bikes on SOA

Hey guys, My name is Kat, and I love Sons of Anarchy. My hope is that they do a spinoff since the show has ended (if breaking bad can get a spinoff with the sleazy lawyer, SOA can get one!). Any way I wanted to talk a little about the diversity of the bikes seen on the show. The bikes, for the most part roadsters as is fitting fo a show about an outlaw mc, span across various makes and models.

If there is one thingSons of Anarchy i wish the show would have spent a little bit more time on was the guys talking about bikes a little more.

But the bikes range from harleys both old and new, some pretty nice stock dyna’s and many others that i will be highlighting in future posts.

One thing I thought was cool is that you also see some differences between bikes in regards to the different clubs. The Grim Bastards club for example ride some pretty sweet bikes with some custom highway gear, while the Mayans are all ape hanger classic chopper with a little low rider flair.

I look forward to the next post, not sure where I want to start yet, som many choices.

Ride to Live!