What’s goin on my brothers and sisters!? So a little bit about this blog and who we is!


My name is Kat (I am Kat, hear me purr!). I am currently living in the dirty south, H-town to be exact. I am a bike lover and am a regular at bike rallys and such. I also work for some of the major car shows in my area of the south doing reviews, press release stuff for new dealers and model releases. I also do a little bit of modeling at some of the shows, though that’s mostly for fun and being the center of attention! Here is me at a recent show. I actually like this pic because i think it highlights a couple of my best feature, namely my eyes and smile (what did you think I was talking about? lol). I have tons of other car show pics of yours truly, but for the sake of this being an all ages site I will leave the bikini pics off this site (sorry guys, if you want to see more you’re just going to have to go to some shows!).



I love bikes, MC’s and fast and furious cars! I own 4 bikes: A 2011 Harley Soft Tail Fat Boy, a 1961 FLH Duo Glide, a bad@ss Victory I call the Bat Bike and a black and red Benelli Tnt 1130cc Sport bike (which I will probably die on one day).


This blog is mainly about my love affair with bikes and bike culture, fast cars and the fun experiences i’ve had in them (behave) and other moto related stuff that comes out of my head!

I will at this time state a couple of rules regarding responses and contact:


1: No you cannot have my number, facebook, email, skype or other contact info. If I like your responses I will respond, either way this site is for bike lovers and enthusiasts. NOT to hook up.

  1. 2: There are a lot of kiddos interested and involved in the bike and car scene, so this site is going to stay friendly to that age group. My posts will be clean (maybe a smidge suggestive, no more so than the garbage on nickolodeon nowadays) and so will ANY and ALL responses posted here. I will delete anything i think is too adult or graphic. If it seems like a gray area I will give a warning, once. After that it would be obvious you don’t care to follow my rules and you will be blocked, nuked and eaten with soy sauce. Be classy, not douches.
  2. 3: If you do happen to have some bike related things you’d like to share or a link to something you are up to involving that, I might be open to share it. I do NOT promise to, and if you don’t like that then you have my permission to complain to whoever you like. I recommend posting a comment on someone’s youtube video, that seems to be where people love to super negative these days. But I can promise you that no one will be complaining here.


All that being said now, I am a lot of fun and love to write so I think if you’re here for the right reasons then you’ll enjoy what you read here. So there you go peeps, that’s Kat!

Live to ride!!