Diversity of Bikes on SOA

Hey guys, My name is Kat, and I love Sons of Anarchy. My hope is that they do a spinoff since the show has ended (if breaking bad can get a spinoff with the sleazy lawyer, SOA can get one!). Any way I wanted to talk a little about the diversity of the bikes seen on the show. The bikes, for the most part roadsters as is fitting fo a show about an outlaw mc, span across various makes and models.

If there is one thingSons of Anarchy i wish the show would have spent a little bit more time on was the guys talking about bikes a little more.

But the bikes range from harleys both old and new, some pretty nice stock dyna’s and many others that i will be highlighting in future posts.

One thing I thought was cool is that you also see some differences between bikes in regards to the different clubs. The Grim Bastards club for example ride some pretty sweet bikes with some custom highway gear, while the Mayans are all ape hanger classic chopper with a little low rider flair.

I look forward to the next post, not sure where I want to start yet, som many choices.

Ride to Live!

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