SOA Bikestravaganzza Post Number Two!!

The Kat is Baaaack!

So for my second choice on the highlight list for the bikes of SOA, I have chosen….wait for it….










Chibs’ Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob!!

The bike of one of the most loved member of the Charming MC, Chib’s Dyna is a familiar choice for the group with some personal style choices. This bike is set apart from other members by some matte black z-bars, the fact that it doesn’t have a front fairing, the easily recognizable anarchy “A” and one detail many miss: a tiny Saint Andrew’s cross patch on the back of his saddle.

This Scottish sergeant at arms (when we first meet him) and affiliate of the real IRA goes through a lot in the span of the show, but this Harley is one constant he counts on for all of it. Another interesting thing to note: the actor that plays Chibs (“chib” is Scottish slang for a knife or shank) Tommy Flanagan is an avid bike rider in real life. The actor would go on regular rides with members of the cast during filming, including the love of my life (I wish!) Charlie Hunnam (who plays Jax Teller).

There is a reason he looks so comfortable and natural on a bike!

Till next time, Live to Ride!!

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