The day I needed to hire a general contractor…

Oh boy, do I have a story for you today!

So, my house is one of those old historical homes. I love it but it REALLY needed to updates.

I called my friends out at Cypress Contractor Pros ( to come out and take a look at some home renovation ideas I had.

These guys are super cute and friendly, so of course I wore my best outfit. Anyways, after looking over my home, my friend Richard suggested that we do a whole kitchen remodel and that my roof needed to be replaced.

Talk about some cash! But, with some convincing of the cost versus the return I would get on my property’s value, I bit the bullet.

The process of remodeling my kitchen was pretty gruesome. I did, however; get to join in on the demolition and that was fun! There was a point where he made me leave because the rest he wanted to leave up to my imagination.

I conceded and went to stay at my lovely mom’s house and we drank wine (ok LOTS of wine) and ate cheese and watch chick flicks. It was great!

My contractors installed all new countertops and fixtures. The kitchen design was going to be modern but with a little of the old world character the home already had.

Finally, they were finished and I was invited to the unveiling! Oh man, I felt like a queen. The contractors did a fantastic job with my kitchen remodel. I could not be happier!
I am telling you folks, if you need a home renovation and not sure what to do the kitchen is the way to go for sure!

Here is a pic of the wonderful!! I still can’t believe I’m the owner of such a beauty!


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